Realizing their videos are usually shared, emailed and talked about for months on end, OK Go decided to go the educational route with a colorful new video for Sesame Street. Their latest creation teaches kids—and adults who need reminding—about primary colors blue, red and yellow, through a series of swirling dance moves and splatter paint that's much easier to clean up than one would think. Dressed in colorblocking goodness from an American Apparel catalog, the guys come together to show just what these three individual shades can collaborate to make. Aw, sort of like metaphor for their group? Nah, that's too deep.

Unfortunately there are no Muppets in the "3 Primary Colors Song," but that's so 2011. Still, the children's program has gotten so much cooler over the years, hasn't it? OK Go will make their appearance on Thursday's episode of Sesame Street. Can you tell us how to get there? Watch below.