Being OK Go must be exhausting. You've got a nice little rock/pop song that you want to make a music video for, and maybe you're not feeling up to doing much more than lip synching in an abandoned warehouse for a couple minutes. But no, because you're OK Go and you set the viral-video bar so impossibly high with your first couple big videos, and because you have to keep one-upping yourself with every new video to stay in the popular consciousness, you have to hire some dance troupe and dress up in bodysuits and help coordinate some incredibly complex synchronized-swimming-type dance routine around a plexiglass floor with interactive media and all sorts of other nonsense. Work, work, work, work.

Cool video and song and all, but we urge OK Go, for the sake of their own sanity and physical well-being: Break the cycle. Just do a video where the gimmick is you guys dressing up in camel costumes or something. You won't believe how much more free time you'll have during the week.