Old Miley is (Kinda) Back in the "23" Music Video

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You gotta hand it to Miley Cyrus for earning the disparate labels of "Old Miley" and "New Miley" at the age of 20.

Never was New Miley more present than during her VMAs performance in which she famously twerked and humped a foam finger for all the world (and The Smith Family) to see. If this display left you nostalgic for the sweet and carefree Old Miley, her latest Mike WiLL Made It-helmed music video "23" is definitely a step closer.

Here is the leak; we'll replace with the official video when it's up.

Although she sings raps about "drinking out the bottle" and such, the video—which also features Juicy J and Wiz Khalifa—just looks like a good ole fashioned pep rally. A sexy pep rally, to be sure, but she's not straddling the basketball hoop naked or anything.

What do you think?

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