Olly Murs Gives Us the Haylor Confirmation We've Been Waiting For

We've seen enough sleepover photos to put two and two together, but it's still nice to get verbal confirmation on the status of Haylor. Popdust pal and former One Direction tour opener Olly Murs recently struggled with the decision of which Grammy-nominated females he would kill, marry or snog—nice use of British slang—during an interview with CBS. In between jokes about Pink's motherhood and his inability to off even his worst nightmare, Olly revealed that Taylor Swift is indeed off-limits. "I would say I would avoid Taylor Swift, because she's dating one of my friends, she's going out with Harry Styles," he explained. Oh IS she? We thought they were just marathoning Homeland and braiding each other's hair late into the night. "So, Harry, I couldn't obviously go near Taylor 'cause that's his missus." Taylor's first post-Harry song will likely be about how his silly English friends talk funny and use weird terms like "missus" that are so, totally, not OK in the 21st century. Not at all like the fellas in Nashville—am I right, Juliette Barnes?

Guess the cat's out of the bag—er, bowler hat?—now, kids. If you weren't ready to go public with a statement on your relationship, Hazza and Tay, we hope you guys are A-OK with Olly doing it for you. Cheers!

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