While you were trying to keep up with Twitter during the returns, Madonna was performing a show in Pittsburgh on Election night. When word broke that the closely-watched swing state of Pennsylvania had gone blue, Madge followers in the crowd could exhale a bit, looking at their timelines with only one eye during the live interpretation of MDNA rather than two. But when it became clear that Barack Obama had taken Ohio, and thus defended his presidential seat, Madge wanted to take part in celebrating. Tricky, we know—after all those years spent perfecting a faux British accent we almost forgot the anglophile was eligible to vote this time around.

Stirring up the already enthusiastic crowd, Madonna first sought to find some confirmation from her audience. Then, sipping water through a straw—as not to disturb the bold lip—and pacing around the stage, she put some thoughts together: "It's a big, big, big motherfucking pretty big motherfucking big baby, I'm a—yes, probably yes." Translation: She's excited. From there, a seven-minute opus on what having a president with a "moral compass" really means, marked by this beautiful exchange with a member of Team Romney:

I hear some boos, that's OK. I love you, too, I love you, too. I see you with your big titties hanging out, baby. You voted for Mitt Romney? That's OK. I love everybody! I love everybody!

Why doesn't Madge toss her a bouquet of hydrangeas while she's at it? Yes, even when she finds herself face-to-face with the opposition, Madonna always strives to remain eloquent. Watch below.