The life of a boy band heartthrob is quite the whirlwind. One day you're performing for thousands of sleep-deprived, smelly fans and soon enough you're meeting the Queen of England. When your life consists of basking in the glory of fan-voted awards and enjoying free drinks off a TV network's tab, chances are you'll get behind in regaling your adoring Twitter followers with stories of what Hayden Panettiere smells like up close.

It's been two days since The Wanted's smashing performance at the American Music Awards, but Max George has just come up for air after what sounds like a very aggressive Schoolboy celebration. Naturally, he's now required to update his fans accordingly.



That's sweet. Justin Bieber did take home three bright and shiny things, while Carly Rae Jepsen was the night's Favorite New Artist.



If we saw the inventor of "Gangnam Style" in a bar, we'd be not-so-humble-bragging as well.



The U.K. love to spoil you with some white wine. All this documentation proves you're not alone in your tendency to call for photo shoots mid tequila shot, Max also posted a party pic featuring Usher, which caught the attention of a certain someone.



Gasp! Are we supposed to believe two young, handsome Brits from two (very) different boy bands actually follow one another, let alone make attempts at Twitter communication? Is this all just a game? Is this allowed? That it comes from Zayn Malik, 1D's most Twitter-averse member, complicates things even further.



Both groups have publicly spoken out on how there isn't any rivalry, but they also haven't stopped themselves from dropping hints the British tabloids simply love to run with in hopes of igniting a frenzy more intense than reactions to the impending impending bacon shortage. One Direction has already been spotted jamming to "Glad You Came," and even though Zayn gets occasional bouts of Twitter depression, he knows what it feels like to be the recipient of a bromance request. Maybe he's paying it forward? For all we know the idea of a "rivalry" is just an act and these 10 lads end each night together under Simon Cowell and Scooter Braun's shared roof, with milk, cookies and storytime.


What do you think, 'dusters? Is this the effect of a lingering hangover, or a sign that 1D and TW are making strides towards becoming the next NKOTBSB by 2030?