Uh-oh. It was one thing when UK boy band One Direction were just charting in the iTunes top 20 and winning our Popdust Pop-Off, but now they have laid siege to one of our country's proudest cultural institutions—Nickelodeon. The group recently appeared on an episode of iCarly, playing themselves and singing their current hit, "What Makes You Beautiful." Popcrush helpfully explains the plot machinations behind the group's appearance:

Carly returns home after a trip and falls ill. She finds out that One Direction agreed to perform on her web show, however, and is absolutely thrilled! That is, until Styles falls ill and Carly dotes on him. This would be adorable, but she later learns that he faked his sickness for attention. Not cool, Harry! Carly and her crew plan to get Styles back in the group by pretending Gibby is a new member.

We're not 100% sure we follow—our knowledge of iCarly is limited to Miranda's "Kissin' U" and that clip that circulated around the internet a few months back of two of the characters recreating a famous assassination scene from The Wire for some reason. Still, now it looks like it's only a matter of time before One Direction have officially brought our country under their collective thumb. We'd like to remind them that as trusted pop bloggers, we can be helpful in rounding up others to toil in their underground sugar caves.