One Direction Barnstorm "Today Show," Announce Their First-Ever Movie

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In case you haven't heard, One Direction have themselves an album out today, and they showed up at Rockefeller Plaza in New York today to promote the album's release on NBC's Today Show. The group played a trio of songs for their predictably ecstatic fanbase—mostly female, though we're sure a couple of our male 1D fan friends were in there somewhere the first album's "What Makes You Beautiful," and the two early releases off sophomore effort Take Me Home, rave-up "Live Like We're Young" and ballad "Little Things."

It was a fine showing from the lads—though we don't get why the key was so down-tuned on "Beautiful," as the group sounded a little croaky on some of the lower parts—though the appearance might be mostly remembered for an announcement made by Niall about half-way through. "We are gonna do our first ever movie," revealed Niall. "It's gonna be in 3-D, and it's coming to cinemas near you on the 30th of August, 2013." Well, we've long thought 1D needed themselves a Spice World, so we're excited. What took them so long, anyway?

Here's footage of the announcement, as well as their performances of "Beautiful" and "Things."

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