Shortly after sharing personal secrets and promoting their own personal ad during their radio takeover, the guys of One Direction took the stage at London's Wembley Arena to perform at the BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards on Sunday. The show marked the first time they performed new single "Live While We're Young" live, which was part of a set that included Up All Night breakout "What Makes You Beautiful," "Up All Night" and the Ed Sheeran-penned "Moments."



After watching the wet and wild video countless times we were getting eager to see how that splashy fun would be recreated onstage. Good news: they do their canoe choreography! It's becoming a trend.



Zayn came in late on the second verse and sounded a little shaky as he attempted to recover, but he's not the only performer to ever miss a live cue. In fact, he's in good company. Despite this and the fact that the guys' shirts stayed on for the duration of the song, fans seemed to be enjoying themselves. ("Enjoying" is probably an understatement; screaming as if their own fate and the fate of there families depends on how loud they can be is more accurate.)



Their latest video has also influenced sign-making for their live shows. We're especially impressed with the girl who brought the handmade banana poster emblazoned with "Tonight let's get some." Watch below.



The group also performed very well in the awards categories, winning Best British Single ("One Thing"), Best British Album (Up All Night) and Best British Musical Act. Yes, Niall did a happy jump. Watch the crowd lose their minds and the young men of 1D humbly accept their latest piece of hardware, below.