The promotional tour for One Direction continues, following the premiere of Take Me Home's second single, "Little Things," on Monday. Four out of the five lads visited Liverpool's Radio City 96.7 this A.M. to chat about how potentially damaging their new lyrics might be to certain subset of fans stuff you'll likely read in the gossip magazines, and—oh yeah—news about their upcoming album. But where's Liam?

OK, so you're hanging out with Alan Thicke and Kirk Cameron; we get it. When the time came to discuss which other male singing group the present guys would want to be—classic boy band question, and proof that those banned interview topics might not exist at all—things became a little hairy. Backstreet Boys and Boyz II Men are a given, but what about current acts? If the paps and tabloids are going to be writing these stories about you, might as well give them as close to a true account as you can to provide the jumping off point for their exaggerated and sensationalized tales. "Who wouldn't you want to be?" Louis asked Zayn devilishly. "I wouldn't want to be..." he began, spending extra time emphasizing the word that signifies both 1D's choice and competition. "I wanted to say it but I can't now." So does that mean their dancing at the VMAs wasn't a peace offering after all? Z100's Jingle Ball should be interesting.

In defense of both groups, their names make it a lot easier to drop these playful hints and digs than Nick Lachey and Justin Timberlake's groups did back in the day. (And don't worry, Gary and Robbie. They love Take That.) You're not alone in feeling uncomfortable with all this, Nialler. But your rational thought process could be used right about now.

Come for the headline-grabbing hints at The Wanted, stay for Zayn's defense of Harry's non-womanizing ways and Louis taking on a disastrous accent in attempts to pull off a believable Liam.