One Direction has done a lot of interviews this year, but their cumulative conversation with Barbra Walters marks the first time we've ever heard the guys liken fame to a horror film. "It's like something from a zombie movie," Niall tells Barbara Walters during her annual Most Fascinating People interviews. "We were like, 'How could you ever get used to this?' Watching people run down a main street with cars everywhere? You can never get used to it." It appears that 1D counts as one person instead of five, which means there'll be nine more interviews to get through this year, and enough time for each member to the effects wax on his newfound fame. "To think that we are some people's favorite band is insane," adds Harry. "And, y'know, like, for the people who I like listen to all the time, I still wouldn't probably camp outside places but people, like, camp out, like, for days to come to things we do. It's just amazing." Oh yes it is. Don't miss their modest takes on what it's like to be launched into the spotlight, as well as Louis hint at where he heads for a carton of milk, below.

You can watch their interview in full, along with fellow fascinating individuals from gold-medalist Gabby Douglas to 50 Shades of Grey scribe E. L. James, Wednesday night at 9:30 p.m. EST on ABC.