Similarly to their brethren The Wanted, One Direction's "unannounced" arrival in the U.S. did not go unnoticed by their dedicated followers. While filming a spot for an upcoming episode of iCarly—their U.S. acting debut!—the group was serenaded by fans outside the studio, drawing the attention of onlookers and police awaiting a potential ugly cry riot. Some of the potential thoughts going through the girls' heads: If you scream it only increases the chances that one of the boys will feel bad and tend to your aid! At least getting a restraining order means you get to go to court with them, right? Does anyone know how to faint on command? Sure, this outpouring of support is not the same as shutting down Times Square in the late '90s, but it'll do. The welcoming response to One Direction and other groups serves as further proof that the state of the boy band is indeed alive and well, both Stateside and across the pond.