One Direction has been dropping little clues about "Little Things," their second single from November's Take Me Home, over the last two weeks. There was some hinting at lyrics on Twitter, which friend of the band Ed Sheeran joined in on as well, sharing a Harry-specific line during a recent interview, in addition to singing something we can only hope is close to its composition and/or melody. But even if Ed was just trying to throw us off—he's likely feeling playful now that he's set to tour alongside Taylor Swift— at the very least he revealed "Little Things" contains one of his "favourite" lyrics of all-time. Considering he shares our love for Lil Kim's "Lighters Up" and Ginuwine's "Pony," expectations are high.

The boys of 1D likes to keep us guessing, so here are some addition lyrics to spend the weekend poring over:

Those with freckles should consider themselves the lucky ones. Less than 48 hours to go!