Having already sold out a tour for 2013, it shouldn't surprise you that One Direction has mastered the art of multi-tasking. With tweets hinting that the band is back in the studio to work on their follow-up to Up All Night, overeager Directioners have published reports that an unheard song called "Heartbreaker" will be the band's next single. A tribute to Mariah Carey? Harry's response song to Caroline Flack? An ode to Sigourney Weaver's performance in a certain 2001 film?

Reps for the band told Popdust it was far too early to comment on 1D's new music, stating that any reports on anything called a "Heartbreaker" are totally false. "It's not true at all. We actually don't even have a song called 'Heartbreaker.' That's not gonna happen," Niall Horan told MTV, explaining he caught wind of the rumor on Twitter. What is true, however, is that the boys have been busy in the studio in between recent Up All Night gigs. "We've been recording already, actually," Niall revealed. "When we came back from Australia, we had a couple weeks off and then we went straight into the studio to get cracking on the next album. We wrote an absolutely cracking song that we're all kind of very excited about."

A "cracking" song, eh? Sounds like good craic to us. Niall revealed the band put even more of downtime towards studio work while in Los Angeles, forgoing trips to Disneyland or hang-outs with tourmate Olly Murs in order to record. Nothing is official, but he believes the game plan to be to release a new single in September. "So obviously we don't have a date for that yet, so we're gonna have to start thinking, sitting down with the record label, sitting down with management, getting everyone's views," he said.

One collaborator who has confirmed his own role in 1D's musical future is Ed Sheeran. The 21-year-old Brit wrote the band's "Moments," and revealed he's been back in the studio with his friends recently. "I wrote a couple of songs when I was 17 that One Direction want for their next album," he told the Daily Star. But don't expect Sheeran to appear on a new track. "I'm going into the studio in August to produce the tracks for them. I won't feature on the tracks though. There's definitely a divide in genre," he said. C'mon, Ed. They're such big fans!