We're still a little over two months away from hearing new music from One Direction, and yet the anticipation for their latest project has reached its apex. After announcing the first single, "Live While We're Young," from the band's upcoming second album on Thursday, the track has become the fastest-selling pre-order in iTunes history, reaching the top spot in 40 countries. And it's not even available in the United States! This is nothing new for 1D, who are used to slashing sales records and hitting number one, but the achievement has proven the boys still know how to graciously thank their fans from the bottom of their hearts, and humblebrag with the best of them:



"Live While We're Young" won't be released until October 1, although many of the guys have revealed that the official music video for the song is already complete.

Twenty-five days is an awfully long time to sit on such a highly anticipated music video, don't you think? (We didn't ask you, Justin Bieber.) One Direction will perform at the MTV Video Music Awards next Thursday; maybe all your enthusiasm and money spent buying up a song you haven't even heard yet will lead to a live preview of the new track? It's that, or a duet with Rihanna, boys. The choice is yours.