What a better way to start the week than with an interview about boy band members' members? Yes, ladies and gentlemen, there is something to think about after you've seen Magic Mike. In a recent chat with 93.3 FLZ, three out of the five guys of One Direction revealed the likely not-so-secret fact that will make even more fans gather outside their bedroom doors: after a long day of traveling and performing, a growing boy likes to catch some zzzs in the nude. But who took the interview to such a place so quickly? Obviously the one who joked about a certain part of his body reaching and out poking 1D fans in the face, if that 3D movie actually gets taken to theaters, right? (That was Harry and he was talking about his hair, you dirty birds.) Nope, guess again.

Surprisingly, the instant soundbite didn't come from Sir Styles or the loquacious Niall, but rather Louis Tomlinson, apparently a fan of conversations that focus on male anatomy, and any opportunity to brag about his—ahem—size. Thankfully he's 20, so we don't feel as wrong typing that. "I always sleep naked," Louis said, giving his fellow band members the green light to admit they do the same. "It's so much easier," added Niall. "Let it allllll hang out, you know?" Harry asked. No, Harry, we don't know. But we bet many a Directioner would like to find out!

Now we're starting to believe Harry meant something else with the whole "poke" comment. Meanwhile, Louis really wants to make sure we understand why one would want to sleep naked—other than providing fans with glorious fantasies: "It’s been in your boxers all day, restricted, it needs time to breathe." Does "it" get a fur coat in the winter, too?

So the members of One Direction are using foul language and talking about their willies while The Wanted lends its songs to an animated children's movie? My how the tables have turned.