With award show performances behind them and chart records to their name, the members of One Direction now have what it takes to serve as mentors on the show that brought them together in the first place. All five guys sat through the performances of the final four groups—WAT, Good Question, D and D and Fortunate—during the Super Boot Camp live show of The X Factor Australia, filmed in London. It's slightly awkward that producers decided to go with "Gold Forever" as a backing track on the final cut, but maybe that was by request? The Wanted have proven to be the only music to get members of 1D grooving in public.

Two years of Very Important Business Meetings have taught the guys how to maintain their poker faces, as each member does little to so much as flinch during the first group's take on "Gives You Hell." But that doesn't mean they didn't like it! "They're just like us," Louis says to Liam mid-song, clearly not afraid of any burgeoning competition in the boy band genre. Australia's jort-clad version of 1D ultimately had the entire group head-bobbing along by song's end. "I think the chemistry reminds me of when we were on stage," explained Harry after the hopefuls exited. "As soon as they finished they all came together in a hug and we did that every week." Still do.

Between all-female renditions of "Love The Way You Lie," including impressive beat-boxing, and an over ambitious approach to Craig David's "7 Days," clearly a group favorite, 1D delivered polite critiques on each's group's attempts to stand out on the reality show. But it was the final act, Fortunate—three brothers and one best friend with a teary backstory—who made them put any stoic strategy aside, with their performance "End of Time."

Harmonies were there, and Beyoncé moves were on full display. "There's no band out there at the moment who can move like that," Liam noted. "We're going to go to them for dancing tips!" added Louis. Zayn agrees!

This will all be good practice if and when the members take Simon Cowell up on those judging offers, or when Louis inevitably becomes a Top 40 countdown show host in approximately 10 years.