As television schedules begin to get back to normal following around-the-clock election coverage, One Direction will perform on Thursday's episode of The X Factor in advance of the release of their new album, Take Me Home. Get excited, Demi Lovato! We'll all be analyzing how you look at darling Niall from behind your lofty table. But it's not just the judges and viewers who looking forward to this—the boys are counting down the hours as well. "Having come from the UK X Factor, we can’t wait to perform on the U.S. stage – it’s going to be a great night," said Zayn in a statement. "It’ll be the first time we’ve performed in front of 'Uncle Si' since we were on UK X Factor," added Niall. "So, hopefully we make him proud."

Yes, it's been two years since they auditioned for the reality show as individuals, brought together at the masterful suggestion of pop group Svengali, Simon Cowell. They appeared as guest mentors on the X Factor Australia earlier this fall, marveling at how much the skittish performances of nervous hopefuls reminded them of their former selves. Going back to their cute and thankfully televised origin story, will the familiar sight of Uncle Si bring back lots memories? Will Liam miraculously grow all his hair back, or just wear a wig to channel his 2010 self? Will Louis break out the shants (short pants) as Niall reverts to those cheesy cruise director by way of mall talent show dance moves? This comes from a place of love, of course, we're just proud of how far the boys have come over such a short period of time. Puberty does wonders.

The bigger question: Will 1D perform "Live While We're Young" or "Little Things"? Both? Fine by us. Catch the group's performance on Thursday's episode, airing at 8 p.m. EST on FOX.