You've already watched the announcement, placed your pre-order and by now, probably begun to record your own version of One Direction's new single "Live While We're Young," based on previously heard styles, and subject matter you just know the boys are itching to croon about. The first single off the group's upcoming Take Me Home will hit radio on September 24. Until then, you can watch their VMA performance on loop and prepare your own theories on the state of the group, based on the latest single cover.

Much like the Take Me Home art, all five can be seen enjoying each other's company, modeling some great early fall outerwear and laughing at something we haven't yet had the privilege of seeing. Go ahead and take a good, long look at the scene below:

A few of our observations:

1. Harry and Zayn's hand-holding may upset some Larry Stylinson shippers.

2. While many will object to the playful punch Louis is giving Liam—don't hurt those perfect arms!—there's no visible power behind that blow whatsoever. We suggest enrolling him in stage combat class or two before the boys make the jump to action films.

3. Recent birthday boy Niall is staring off into the distance, segregated from the jovial banter. What could he be thinking during this moment of silence? Probably what his next tweet will be about.