One Direction's "Best Song Ever": Is it Theirs?

The British blokes of One Direction let us know a few weeks ago that their next single, the ambitiously titled "Best Song Ever," would be available on July 22nd. Apparently they had more to say—or sing—today:


Surprise! It's "Best Song Ever!"

Turns out the boys were not seeking to achieve the titular goal, they merely "danced all night to the best song ever." Like "Live While We're Young," the song is a celebration, uh, living while you're young. Specifically, dancing all night with a chick even though she claims she'd never go home with you "in [your] wildest dreams."

While there are some PG-13 lines ("Said I had a dirty mouth/But she kissed me like she meant"), this jam is definitely for the kids. Worth commending are Liam's falsetto shriek at the song's close, the Beatles-y name choice of "Georgia Rose," and a fantastically catchy "Oh oh oh/Yeah yeah yeah" chant that follows each chorus; that'll stick will stick with you whether or not you believe "BSE" to be their BSE.



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