Performing two songs and crashing a Fred Armisen skit can build up quite the appetite, yet more than anything One Direction's Liam seemed to be craving some one-on-one time with fans following his Saturday Night Live debut. Rather than party with Andy Samberg, host Sofia Vergara or his fellow One Direction members, Liam opted to celebrate his performance with dear old dad and his Twitter followers during the wee hours of Sunday morning. The 18-year-old hosted a chat with fans via Twitcam, answering questions and revealing a few details from the show. "Niall definitely looked like Keith Lemon," he said of the group's cameo in "The Manuel Ortiz" show skit, while confirming that he and Zayn slow danced during the televised goodbyes—try and compose yourselves—and that Harry did in fact get poked mid-song. Regaling his father with certain flattering messages from the fans ("Thank you, Mr. Payne, for making such a beautiful boy"), Liam managed to change into a fresh pair of those beloved trousers on camera, reinforce his "thumbs up" on the new Justin Bieber album and introduce his dad to the 27,000 or so watching at home, all while listening to Flo Rida's "Good Feeling." Maybe that's an artist 1D will be willing to collaborate with? This endearing little chat was leading up to a late-night dining adventure, which Liam had rested his entire culinary hopes and growing appetite on New York's trademark boastful slogan. "Something's going to be open, it's New York, it doesn't sleep, right? That's what I've heard anyways. That's the rumor, that's what everyone tells everybody," he said. We sincerely hope the Big Apple didn't disappoint. If all else fails, try the bodegas?

If anyone is wondering how One Direction has amassed such a dedicated fan base in what seems like only a matter of months, this is why. Trained in the Bieber School of Social Media, the boys are quick to update their personal Twitter accounts and video diaries, as well as throw themselves into the fire with grab-happy fans who'll repeatedly ask fro their hand in marriage. Despite looking a bit stiff while running through minimal choreography in an admittedly tight space only a few hours earlier, Liam knows how to let loose after a show. The inflection, goofy accents and Spider-man flat brim: this is the Liam we want to see! Knowing that a personality does exists makes it easier to sleep at night, so we'll blame the SNL performance on the crowded set design and move on. Watch his chat below.