As One Direction continues to make New York City their playground this week, various venues and attractions have rolled out the red carpet to accompany the visiting heartthrobs. Madison Square Garden show provided ample fireworks during the group's sold-out show on Monday night and the Hudson Hotel was sure to keep out any riffraff unworthy of karaoke during the exclusive after-party. But one building apparently not up to the group's standards, or at least those of Liam Payne, is frequent romantic comedy costar and Godzilla collaborator, the Empire State Building.

According to Yahoo, Liam "ranted" about the building's security following a visit with his family on Tuesday. "The senior security supervisor was arrogant, unproffesional and extreamly disrespectful to my family @EmpireStateBldg #TheresAlwaysTimeForManors [sic]," he tweeted. We appreciate the use of hashtag, even in times of frustration. Without many details of the "disrespectful" exchange, we can say that Liam holds manners near and dear to his heart—even if he's unclear on proper spelling. It's just like how Tom Parker felt after his run-in with Christina Aguilera (the English do love their etiquette). Finally! Something 1D and TW can agree on.

But being one of the premier tourists destinations in all of the Big Apple, the Empire State Building doesn't really care if it hurt the feelings of 1/5 of a band who just so happens to have sold-out Madison Square Garden 24 hours earlier. It's December; tourists pay their holiday bonuses and then some.

We're sure any of the Directioners who sacrificed comfort and hygiene for a chance to see 1D live would gladly fill the 81-year-old building in on who Mr. Payne is—a grand Batman impersonator, for one. But fighting with an inanimate object is a fruitless endeavor, and dissing New York even in the slightest puts you on the shit list of at least one politician. Plus, he wouldn't want to jeopardize his standing with Jay-Z! Liam's since deleted his original tweet, and appears to be back in an empire state of mind.

One Direction continues to schmooze with fans throughout Manhattan over the next two days, before hitting The Late Show with David Letterman and Z100's Jingle Ball on Friday. In the meantime, we'll keep our eyes glued to the Chrysler Building.

UPDATE: Check out #TheresAlwaysTimeForManors. Definitely worth your time.

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: Like the polite English chap he is, Liam is very sorry about the whole thing.