One Direction came together to make a Big Announcement about their upcoming album this morning, giving those tired, poor and huddled masses everywhere reason to rise with the sun. In a brief video, 1D reveals that "Live While We're Young" will be the first single from their forthcoming second album, out in November.

Could this be the "cracking" new track Niall spoke so highly about earlier this summer? "Live While We're Young" will be available for pre-order on iTunes at midnight, for those who feel validated by getting to things "FIRST!" While pre-order is not available in the U.S., a tentative worldwide release date of October 1 gives us plenty of time to start brainstorming possible lyrics. And just like they did with "What Makes You Beautiful," Directioners are already welcoming the song's inevitable acronym with open arms.

You might think there isn't much information to be gleaned from this 25-second clip, but not only do we have the title and a general idea of the album release date—there are only 30 days it could possibly be!—we also get to see a few of the boys sporting new looks to go with their new sounds. Liam and Louis are experimenting with hair gel and vertical horizons, while Harry and Niall keep things familiarly shaggy. Whatever you do, try to resist experimenting with frosted tips, boys. Zayn can give you more information on this topic if need be. Today also marks the end of Mr. Malik's two-day leave of absence from Twitter, a move which sent many a Directioner into crisis mode, questioning the state of pop fandom worldwide.