Track 10: "Everything About You"

Sounds Like: This is basically as raunchy as One Direction ever gets, which means it sounds like a RedOne track--you'd only need a slight remix, not a total overhaul, to play this in a club (well, maybe one of those teen clubs.) The lyrics are juuust close enough to double entendres to register, but "want to" and "want to have to" are as far as things go. It's PG. The rest of the album is essentially G, though, so that's something.

Pros: In case we weren't clear enough, "Since U Been Gone" is one of the best songs of the pasat 20 years. And when your album already namechecks Katy Perry (who's written for and/or tried to emulate Clarkson) and when every single soars more, good to be emulating the best. Also, more songs should have harpsichord lines.

Cons: One Direction is best when they sound like P!nk or Kelly Clarkson with boy-banders, not when they sound like The Wanted with slightly bowdlerized songs. This could be an album-filler demo for anybody, and if it were to be shopped around, you'd hope someone would do something about the underwritten chorus, which trails off where 1D's singles usually tend to get one more hook in. (Think "One Thing," "What Makes You Beautiful," even "Tell Me A Lie"--it's just that extra step.)

Mom-Approved Moment: "On the other side of the world--it don't matter, I'll be there in two."

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