Track 11. "Same Mistakes"

Sounds Like: A familiar ballad that examines the benefits of wisdom gained through retrospect, also used to fill space on the latter half of an album.

Pros: The level-headed assessment of what's been plaguing a relationship makes 1D sound mature and wise beyond their years. With verses and the bridge split among Liam, Zayn and Harry, there's plenty of room for improvisation towards song's end, but it's Liam's voice that comes through as both the most understanding and the most vulnerable. Set your dreams to verse two now, girls.

Cons: The oft-repeated playing, waiting and taking seem like merely beat fillers, yet as lyricists, the boys succeed in the underhanded scheme of attaching this tune to your memory where it will never, ever let go. Still, chanting, sing-speech is better executed—and more fun—elsewhere on the album.

Mom-Approved Moment: "And you pray, pray, pray that everything will be okay."

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