Track 13: "Stole My Heart"

Sounds Like: Dr. Luke, and specifically, Taio Cruz's "Dynamite," whose chorus is melodically replicated fairly explicitly by "Stole My Heart," though with enough rhythmic and lyrical differentiation that it doesn't feel like a direct rip-off. The lyrics are about 1D falling in love at first sight—well, almost first sight, as the group specifies "Took a minute, girl, to steal my heart tonight."

Pros: The "eh-eh-eh-eh" echo after the chorus is a very nice touch, and the entire thing has a kind of liveliness to it missing from a lot of the second half of the album, and a feeling of being emotionally overwhelmed that's highly appropriate for the song's content. The part after the bridge where the song whirs to a stop before exploding into the final chorus is also very nice. Even if the whole thing is second-hand Lukasz, Jamie Scott, Brian Rawling and Paul Meehan do their pop overlord proud with their effort here.

Cons: The "Dynamite" similarities might put off those who still haven't gotten over just how overplayed that song was a couple years back. And not a particularly large greivance, but with the album's preponderance of song titles lifted from other places, they may as well have titled this one after the oft-repeated refrain of "Waiting for a Girl Like You." Foreigner could've appreciated the shout-out.

Mom-Approved Moment: "There is no other place that I would rather be / Than right here with you tonight"

Adult Content?: "Your friends / They look good but you look better." Uh-oh. This is always how the awkward three-way conversation gets started.

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