Track 7: "Tell Me a Lie"

Sounds Like: "Tell Me a Lie" is the latest in a glorious line of songs: those that sound like Kelly Clarkson's "Since U Been Gone." A wobbly synth butts in from time to time, and the producers've scattered a few electronic baubles throughout, but they're the only signs we're in this decade. Everything else is purely power-pop: the chugging guitar and soaring vocals, the stomp of a beat, the harpsichord line(!), the chorus that takes off as if rockets were attached. (It's probably on purpose; Clarkson co-wrote this.)

Pros: In case we weren't clear enough, "Since U Been Gone" is one of the best songs of the past 20 years. And when your album already namechecks Katy Perry (who's written for and/or tried to emulate Clarkson) and when every single soars more, good to be emulating the best. Also, more songs should have harpsichord lines.

Cons: Maybe a tiny bit overproduced, but no worse than what's on the radio. If anything, this should work in 1D's favor.

Mom-Approved Moment: "There must have been a time I was the reason for that smile."

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