Track 5. "Up All Night"

Sounds Like: An soon-to-be party anthem, complete with accurate description of the destruction and soundtrack that can come with late-night excursions.

Pros: In between detailing the different activities on itinerary, Harry name-checks Katy Freaking Perry as being "on replay," which is obviously the case in similar situations happening this very minute, but could never be more appropriate for a group of barely 20-somethings who came together after "I Kissed A Girl" had made the rounds. Between the clap-stomp breakdown and various decor casualties (RIP the table), this song has the greatest chance of finding itself next to timeless party jams from the female pop star they reference, or scoring this year's Glee prom. It's also their most direct attempt at more mature content, with notes that this after hours rendezvous is more of a party for two.

Cons: A song that immortalizes Katy Perry is either completely wonderful or entirely absurd, depending on your stance.

Mom-Approved Moment: Parental units might take issue with the boys encouraging their daughters to break curfew, but as long as it's only to "jump around until we see the sun" (check your euphemisms at the door, please) and be told "she's the one" by an attractive, successful young bloke, we suppose they'll let it slide.

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