So there's a new one of these Jeremy Lin songs now, Julian Velard's "The Mighty Lin." Common sense and a decent understanding of oldies radio would lead you to believe this song would be set to the tune of Manfred Mann's version of Bob Dylan's "The Mighty Quinn," BUT NO, Verlard merely uses the reference as a jumping off point for his own jaunty little singer/songwritery jam, with a Ben Harper like countenance and a "Me and Julio Down By the Schoolyard" guitar riff. The song is whatever—cute, rhyming "MBA" with "NBA" and all, but is that gonna set it apart from "Jeremy (Lin)," "All I Do is Lin," "Lins to the Left, Lins to the Right," "Lin on Me," "Linstitutionalized" or "Lin the Still of the Night"? We're not even sure which of those titles we made up anymore.

Point is, the Jeremy Lin songs were fun and all, but now All-Star Weekend has passed, we've hit the apex of the Linsanity (at least for the regular season—the playoffs may be a whole new level of Linfestation), and it's time to move on. No, no, we're not suggesting that you stop with the parody songs for the viral videos—what is this, prison camp?—but there's plenty of other stuff in the NBA to be viraling about these days. If you've been too distracted in the midst of Linning Time, we understand, but time to get learned about what else is going on. For starters:

  • Nikola Pekovic. While Lin has been hogging all the attention in the country's pre-eminent media market, another guy has come out of nowhere to put up similarly huge numbers in the city of Minnesota. Big man Nikola Pekovic has been an absolute beast for the Timberwolves, scoring 20+ points in five of his last 12 games for the Pack after doing so zero times in his first 78 games, with the Wolves going 7-5 over that stretch. Also, he looks like a Popeye villain and has a tattoo of a knight standing on a pile of skulls. What more could you possibly want, The Internet?
  • Dwight Howard. Remember all those great songs that fans of respective teams did to try to recruit LeBron James to come play for their team in those pre-Decision days of Summer 2010. OK, no you don't, because none of them were great, but there were a lot of them, and it might be time for some of those spurned fans to get back in the studio or whatever, because the biggest free agent since LBJ may hit the market this off-season in the form of All-Everything center Dwight Howard. If you don't remind him of how much he loves street meat, who will?
  • J.R. Smith and Baron Davis. While Jeremy Lin has continued to dominate the Knick-related discussion at home and abroad, it should not escape notice that the team has made two other high-profile additions to their rotations as of late—three if you count sharpshootin' Steve "Discount Double-Check" Novak—with Baron Davis and J.R. Smith. Not only are the two a couple of the more, uh, unpredictable of NBA players, but they've developed a nice chemistry, with a couple stunningalley-oop connections already to their credit in just a few games played as teammates. These guys deserve a tribute song or two, don't you think? "J.R. and the Baron" would've made for a hell of a late-'70s redneck TV show.
  • Free Steve Nash. Phoenix's two-time MVP Steve Nash is having about as good a season as ever—enough to make him one of the only all-stars over the age of 38 in NBA history—but he's wasting away on an otherwise-miserable Suns team all but guaranteed to miss the playoffs this year. There's already been a movementof sortsto have him extricated from his crappy team, but it badly needs a theme song. Jimmy Eat World and assorted other Arizona music peeps, where you at?
  • JaVale McGee. Goaltending into the 20th row. Running back on defense a possession too early. Throwing himself an alley-oop off the backboard for no reason. Inherently hilarious Washington Wizards big man JaVale McGee is having one of the most meme-worthy NBA seasons in recent memory, and it is about time that The Internet returned the favor. It's only a matter of time that he gets dunked on by Jeremy Lin (or has the ball dribbled between his legs or banked in off his head or something) anyway.