By now you've transitioned from holiday jams to 2011 retrospective mashups, but because this is the best male rendition of "Baby, It's Cold Outside" since Blaine and Kurt flirted their way around the Dalton library last year, we strongly encourage you to make an exception. The late, great hospital comedy Scrubs may have departed from our TV schedules in early 2010, but on and off-screen BFFs Zach Braff and Donald Faison are still making beautiful music together, aptly timed for the cold weather season. The duo recorded their own video for "Baby, It's Cold Outside," in front of a mystifying infinity pool and gorgeous Hawaii landscape, enviable to all who are currently plowing through what is only the beginning of a brutal winter. Largely the most controversial tune come holiday time that's likely to elicit at least one dinner table debate, "Baby" gets a modern makeover thanks to Faison's personal flair ("For real dog, your lips look delicious") and Braff's impromptu directorial changes. Once a director, always a director. "Don't scat, nobody likes that," he advises his friend. Wrong, J.D. You're so very, very wrong. Watch below.