Good news, everybody! That '90s alternative band you were really hoping would finally reunite after their singer dabbled in a solo career and took time to be with their newborn baby is finally getting back together! That's right—ten years after the release of 2001's The Golden State, we're finally going to have new music from Bush, the Gavin Rossdale-led act whose 1995 album Sixteen Stone became one of the biggest hits of the post-grunge era, spawning five modern rock smashes and a whole bunch of truly awful High School yearbook quotes. (Looking back, though, Gavin might have had a point—we do live in a wheel where everyone steals, and when we rise it is somewhat reminsicent of Strawberry Fields.)

The UK rock band's new album, due in September, will be titled The Sea of Memories (evocative!) and will feature such soon-to-be-hits as "The Sound of Winter," "All Night Doctors" and "The Heart of the Matter." According to a recent Hollywood Reporter article on the matter, the album "aims to deliver the same level of classic Bush intensity with a fresh sound." Further explaining, Rossdale says that “it would’ve been safe to just rework Sixteen Stone over and over, but what kind of life would that be? When you’re driving down the road, you’re focused on what’s in front of you; you don’t really think to keep checking in your rear view mirror. I like the idea of changing, developing and morphing.” Actually, "changing, developing and morphing" sounds a lot like the plot to the "Greedy expand=1] Fly" music video. Well, worked out great the first time!

Oh, and sorry, No Doubt fans. Better luck next month.