One To Watch: Justin Bryte's Biggest Goal is Not To Achieve Fame

The 21-year-old musician, Justin Bryte, didn't intend on posting YouTube videos—look at where he is now.

With no intention of kicking off his career with the help of YouTube, his family and friends requested him to post his cover.  "It's funny because I never really intended for my music career to start with YouTube videos," he spills to Popdust.  Although, his first cover, was uploaded just for his family and friends, it attracted viewers.  He was shocked by the positive feedback, he was receiving from online viewers.

Bryte didn't just wake up yesterday with a magical voice and decided to post a YouTube video, he's been singing since he was child.  "My mom used to record me singing Backstreet Boys at the top of my lungs ever since I could walk," he opens up to us.

However, middle school is what started it all for Bryte.  He joined the choir, which allowed him to explore and see other talents he has.  He began acting and singing in theater productions.  Wow!  That's when he knew he needed his own production team and to finally pursue a career in pop music.  He doesn't just have a great voice, he also taught himself to play a few instruments.  The singer can play the piano, ukelele, and the guitar.

Who inspires Bryte to keep doing what he loves to do? His closest friends and family.  He says "not only are they the key drive and motivation behind my success thus far, but I've always found qualities within myself that resemble many of them."  Aww! How cute.  There's nothing better than the support from the ones you love.  That's not the only people who inspire him, Adam Levine, is also one of his biggest inspirations.  He tries to portray Levine's 'bad-ass' personality, in the most professional manner, of course.

No school for Bryte—being an artist and a songwriter is a full time thing.  Fame? Nah, that's not his goal.  He wants to be able to share his music and get a positive response.

Who is Justin Bryte? You might recall who is by his former name Justin Breit or his former Twitter name 'breitmusic'.  He's also appeared on MTV's MADE, z100,, and ASX TV.  His new Twitter name is now 'jbrytemusic'.  His YouTube page 'Talentamplified' has almost 54,000 subscribers, he has over 9,000+ Twitter followers, and has almost 6,000 likes on Facebook.  He's also a featured user on the selfie app, Shots.

What's next for Bryte? More covers, definitely.  He tells us what's coming up for him, "because of my fans I've now been given the opportunity to start working on original music, as well as taking my career to a completely new level.  Fans can expect an EP in the near future, as well as some kick ass collaborations."  Heck yeah! He loves you all and he means it.  Just because he's busy working on his originals, it doesn't mean he's too busy to create covers—what started this all.

Here's a message to the fans, "I'm extremely grateful for YouTube being this platform that has given me loyal fans that follow and share my work.  I know it's said a lot on YouTube (maybe a bit too much), but it truly is helping me reach the top every time a viewer drops a comment, shows my video to a friend, or simply retweets or shares it.  Once again very grateful thus far, much love."

There you have it folks, that's Justin Bryte.

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