Oprah Winfrey's 1983 Audition Tape Is Amazing

Back in 1983, young Oprah Winfrey was just another dreamer with hopes of making it big.

The 60-year-old TV icon just released her original 1983 audition tape for a Chicago morning show (she was 29), and oh my God, she is so cute.

"Hi, there. My name is Oprah Winfrey. Oprah, spelled O-P-R-A-H, and if you notice, it's Harpo spelled backwards," she said. "My folks did not really like Harpo Marks. We did not even have a television set for a number of years. Originally, I was named from the Bible by Aunt Ida, who named me from Ruth, the first chapter at the fourteenth verse, Orpah, but no one knew how to spell in my home, and that's why I ended up being Oprah."

Fast-forward to 2014 and she is a medial mogul worth $2.9 billion dollars. Watch the video below and always follow your dreams, kids! Never give up.

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