The Kids' Choice Awards winners are a place where Justin Bieber is the greatest male singer working, Selena Gomez is the greatest female singer working, Big Time Rush is the greatest band and "Party Rock Anthem" is the greatest song. It's a place where Katy Perry is G-rated and indestructible (i.e. she sang "Part of Me") and One Direction's takeover is completely done (which is about 90% true at this point.)

It's also a place where philanthropic efforts get rewarded; in this case, Taylor Swift's managing not only to sustain a beyond-lucrative career but channel that money into causes like:

- Donating proceeds from a Nashville benefit show to raise more than $750 million for tornado victims in the South.

- Donating $500,000 to Nashville flood relief efforts.

This is an award being presented to Taylor Swift--by the First Lady, no less!--but not a surprise, meaning Taylor's reaction is closer to "wow, this is really cool and I don't know what to say" than "AAAAAAAHHHHH WHEN DID I BECOME A MEGASTAR YOU GUYS MY VOCAL CORDS ARE TURNING TO DUMPLINGS I JUST CAN'T!!!" But hey--humble efforts call for humble reactions. Taylor Swift's future probably holds an EGOT or something, anyway, so perhaps she's just saving up her surprise.

(Oh, and people wanting to click through to YouTube? Reading who's in the headline should make this searingly obvious, but don't read the comments.)