Remember that Orange Caramel / NU'EST collaboration we were all excited about? Turns out that the big duet was just some random Christmas song, and not another "Lipstick" sized slice of K-pop heaven. On the bright side, it's a pretty damn good Christmas song if you're into sugary sweet holiday jingles. The music video is also a lot of fun, if only just to watch the NU'EST boys awkwardly trying to keep up with Orange Caramel's bulletproof aegyo.

Aside from spreading holiday cheer at home, the OC  girls are also busy targeting the Japanese market. This week they released a double A-side single comprised of their K-pop hit, "Lipstick," and a cover of the eighties anime classic, "Lamu No Love Song," from Urusei Yatsura. Their version of "Lamu No Love Song" is virtually identical to the original, but the music video is worth watching to see Orange Caramel acting super cute whilst dressed as sexy little tigers.

Hopefully we'll see them back in Korea soon, either with a proper new single or as part of their mother group After School, because releasing these old cover songs and Christmas tunes isn't really giving us the real Orange Caramel fix that we so desperately need. Another song like "A~ing♡" would be much appreciated, thanks.