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oscars 2016 fashion

Last night was the 88th Academy Awards and the stars flocked to the red carpet to show off their fabulous selves and the results of their two week starvation diet and a full 48 hours of primping and styling.

There was the usual mixture of fabulous and fail from both the boys and the girls. The out and out winner of of the best dressed was Olivia Munn who looked just stunning in an orange Stella McCartney gown that was styled perfectly, she was head and shoulders above the rest.

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Worst dressed of the night has to go to Heidi Klum.  There really is no excuse for her turning up in a Marchesa gown that literally had NOTHING right about it.  The lilac color was just horrible, the puffy chiffon didn't work and the one sleeve didn't add anything to it at all.  Heidi has made a career out of fashion so without a doubt she should have known better.  You can bet that there is at least one stylist out of a job this morning.

The highlight of the red carpet has to be Ryan Seacrest's (see the gallery below, what was he thinking?) snub of Sacha Baron Cohen.  You remember the 2012 incident when Cohen, in his Borat persona dumped an urn of ashes all over Seacrest?

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Well the E! News host wasn't going to risk any sort of repeat and said "No" to the comedian as he  made his way down the red carpet with his wife Isla Fisher.  The snub was noted and Cohen laughed it off to another reporter.  A few moments later though, Seacrest was mid chat with Lady Gaga (and her camel toe) when  Cohen sidled up and interrupted their conversation.

"Just wanted to give you a hug," Baron Cohen, 44, said as he put his arms around Seacrest to which Seacrest replied "What's in your hands? What's in your hands? Check his hands!" Gaga, meanwhile, stood by and smiled politely. #awkward.

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Check out our gallery below of 20 of the best and worst red carpet looks...

oscars 2016 fashion

oscars 2016 fashion

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