OUCH! Corn Drill Challenge Goes Horribly Wrong For This Chinese Woman

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The Corn Drill Challenge


Why would you attempt to eat a corn cob from a rotating power drill?

Because you are a crazy kid and you wanna get in on a little internet action. Hell you might even do something funny and end up a viral video sensation!

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A woman from China's dream came true when she sat down to attempt the corn drill challenge. She probably figured the worst she'd end up with would be a few teeth missing or a face full of corn. Hilarious!

Unfortunately things didn't quite go to plan as she had left her hair hanging while she prepared to eat the corn. Viewers can see it coming as she edges closer and closer to the rotating corn, and sure enough a lock gets caught in the drill. As it spins round and round a chunk of her hair ends up being ripped clean out of her head!

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She looks faintly confused as she pats the huge bald patch on top of her head and then the clip shows her at the doctors a few days later receiving treatment (still looking faintly confused, although not as confused as the Doctor must have been when she told him how it happened).

Apparently her hair will grow back, but bearing in mind it's been ripped out at the root, it will take a long time.

But hey! She's an internet sensation for being a fucking idiot, so it must be worth it!



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