Overwatch Unveils Limited Time Halloween Skins and Gamemode

"Halloween Terror" introduces spooky new content for Overwatch fans.

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Blizzard is no stranger to seasonal events. Remember the World of Warcraft x Mr. T x Santa Claus commercials? Now they're taking it another level with Overwatch's spooky October event "Halloween Terror."

The event introduces unlockable Halloween skins like the witch costume pictured above and a new gamemode called "Junkenstein's Revenge" in which players battle a horde of "eerie enemies."

The new skins are accompanied by over 100 new cosmetic items like heroic skins, epic skins, and victory poses. Possibly addressing fan complaints about previous seasonal events, Blizzard will allow players to keep their items after the event has ended and to purchase them through the Hero Gallery for credit. In prior seasonal events, some of the unlockables were ephemeral or very difficult to obtain.

The new game mode, "Junkenstein's Revenge", is essentially a horde mode. Up to 4 players will battle Junkenstein and spooky modifications of his robots that, in some cases, act like zombies or other familiar horde mobs.

The event will last til November 1st, after which players will likely no longer be able to acquire the cosmetic items. The fate of the new gamemode will likely be determined by its popularity, but can also be expected to disappear after November 1st.

Happy hunting!

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