Paramore's "Paramore" Reviewed: "Daydreaming"

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This week, Paramore's self-titled fourth album comes out, and Popdust is here to help you sort through its 17 tracks. Hayley Williams and her bandmates try on a bunch of new styles, from new wave to pop-funk—and Williams even busts out the uke for a couple of confessional interludes. How is it? Quite good, as a matter of fact—their new pop bent suits Williams' spitfire nature perfectly, and even the record's sadder moments sing.

Hayley Williams's voice has always been well-suited to big, sweeping tracks that might have, in a different time, been called "power ballads." "Daydreaming" fits the bill on Paramore, although it has a bit more of a New Wave snap to it; the instrumentation, even with the synthy outro, is fairly lean compared not only to hits of the hair-metal era, but to other songs on Paramore itself. The song's sugar-rush bridge, which is capped by a grandiose rush of riffs and guitars, seems not only designed for maximum lighter (or phone)-hoisting, it's plush enough for Williams' song-ending assertion that she's all right to sound like it's being issued from a safe place ashioned by the crashing music that preceded it.

Popdust Says: 4/5

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