Paramore's "Paramore" Reviewed: "Still Into You"

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This week, Paramore's self-titled fourth album comes out, and Popdust is here to help you sort through its 17 tracks. Hayley Williams and her bandmates try on a bunch of new styles, from new wave to pop-funk—and Williams even busts out the uke for a couple of confessional interludes. How is it? Quite good, as a matter of fact—their new pop bent suits Williams' spitfire nature perfectly, and even the record's sadder moments sing.

Love saves the day! The melancholy mood is punctured by this totally crushcrushcrushed out track, on which a stabbed-out guitar line and twinkling chimes battle underneath Hayley Williams' declarations of love—feelings that are still strong enough for her to get butterflies whenever she sees her boo. Awww. She's in fine form here, acting goofy on the verses and getting syrupy sweet on the chorus, when a flurry of synths bubbles up as if to underscore the way her heart is singing. If there's any justice in the world this'll be a song of the summer, or at least of the late spring.

Popdust Says: 5/5