Just when you thought that long-rumoured feud between ex-BFFs Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian was over (or never even existed to begin with), Hilton goes and K.O.'s Kim with the shadiest tweet since Miley came for Katy with that "good thing ur ex boo is ur EX BOO" barb.

Without using any words of her own, Hilton simply tweeted a link to an article from the Examiner-esque 'news' site Guardian Liberty Voice with the title: Kim Kardashian Making It the Old-Fashioned Way; On Her Back.

The lengthy piece was filled with vitriol towards Kim K, with a large portion accusing the most famous Kardashian of using Paris for fame and then sleeping her way to the top (way to state the obvious, guys).

Here's a portion of what was written:

"What is so amazing is that the only reason that anybody even knows this woman’s name is because she followed the plan of her pseudo-friend, Paris Hilton, and created a sex tape with the rapper Ray-J, then purposefully leaked it, so she could create buzz around herself. Good to know that Kim Kardashian decided to make it the old-fashioned way; on her back."

"It is time to recognize this [Kim Kardashian] woman for who and what she is. She was so dying for fame, that she did anything she could to suck up to Paris Hilton to be friends. Then, when she saw Hilton’s sex tape go viral, she decided to make one of her own, and leak it, so that she could be famous."

The rest of the article just bashes Kim and any media outlet that dares write about her (namely Yahoo, which the author awkwardly dubbed 'Karsadihoo').

This isn't the first time that Paris has made her true feelings towards Kim K public: Back in 2011, she stormed out of an ABC News interview after being asked if she was worried that her former friend had overshadowed her.

Also, way back in the day, Paris recorded a scathing diss track titled "Jealousy" aimed at Nicole Richie -- another former friend who she seems to believe used her to achieve fame and fortune.

Perhaps Kim and Nicole should just become BFFs now? They can get together and laugh about how they both became famous thanks to Paris and then went on to become more popular than her!

Update: Paris has since deleted the tweet, so it's a good thing we screencapped it before she did.