Paris Hilton Sparkles On The Cover Of New Single 'Come Alive'

Paris Hilton is still forging ahead with her music career, with plans to release her next single, "Come Alive," on July 8.

The official cover art for the new tune sees Hilton surrounded by diamonds and posing coquettishly in a sexy one-piece, which is pretty much the same thing that she did in the video for her last single, "Good Time."

According to Entertainment Tonight, "Come Alive" has a "summer vibe, skewing more towards pop than her last dance-heavy single." This is good news for anybody who loves Hilton's one and only hit "Stars Are Blind," which is a brilliant pop song whether you want to admit it or not.

In addition to "Come Alive," Hilton also has another single in the works called "High Off My Love." She already shot a video for it last week (while wearing a handful of revealing bondage-inspired ensembles), but there's no release date for that one just yet.

Are you having a good time?

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