Paris Hilton's New Single 'High Off My Love' Comes Out Next Month

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Paris Hilton loves Paris Hilton. Her home is a shrine to herself, with framed pictures from various photo shoots lining every wall, life-size cardboard cutouts stand in her closet, pillows have her face or initials printed on them, and her various products lines, from perfume to shoes to false eyelashes, are displayed everywhere.

With that in mind, it's no surprise that Hilton, who now makes millions as a professional DJ, loves to play her own songs during her $347,000-an-hour sets.

She's released two DJ-friendly singles in the past the year, Good Time featuring Lil Wayne and the shimmery Come Alive, and next month she'll release a third, High Off My Love.

Hilton dropped the cover art for the song yesterday, along with a vague release date of February.

High Off My Love is an EDM song featuring Cash Money rapper Birdman, while the accompanying music video is said to be a bondage-themed homage to Madonna's Justify My Love.

The 33-year-old hasn't charted a song since the Dr. Luke-produced Nothing In This World became a minor hit in Europe and Australia back in 2006, but maybe High Off My Love will break the drought and reach the top fifty in Bolivia or something.

We're rooting for you, Paris!

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