Paris Hilton's 'Touching Tribute' To Nelson Mandela & His 'I Have A Dream' Speech

One can only hope, pray and wish Paris Hilton's Twitter account was hacked...or this is a hoax...

Shortly after the announcement of the death of Nelson Mandela, one of the greatest humanitarians the world has ever known, Hilton purportedly laid bare her heartfelt feelings via social media.

Playwright Slams Ohio Kent State For Casting White Guy As Martin Luther King

Thanking the great Madiba for his awe inspiring "I have a dream" speech....presumably borrowed from that other black chap, Martin Luther King Jr.


OK... YEP.. CONFIRMED...It was a HOAX!!!

As Buzzfeed pointed out....

Paris' rep confirmed Hilton was actually on a flight to Miami when the sad news broke.

There's also a hoax Kim Kardashian tweet doing the rounds thanking Mandela for his "freedom fries...."

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