Teenager tries to crowdfund parking ticket, everyone loses their minds

There are two sides of the crowdfunding coin

16-year-old Ashley Mathieu-LaFrance has been taking heat on social media for attempting to crowdfund a $250 parking ticket on GoFundMe.

Raise your hand if you were ever 16 and did something stupid. Keep your hand up if you ever got a ticket in your teenage years. Now, keep it raised if you ever needed help paying for something (anything, ever) and asked others to help.

Mathieu-LaFrance, a high school student who accidentally parked in a handicap space, was more than willing to pay the fine, but like most high school students, couldn't afford the $250. After she started a GoFundMe to raise a couple bucks from her friends, some people (who are assholes) decided that her crowdfunding efforts should be for naught; harassment started pouring in.

One Redditor even went so far as to ask "So she doesn't have a job, but has a car which presumably requires gas, insurance and maintenance. Why not get whoever is paying for those expenses to pay for the ticket?" An article published by the New Hampshire Union Leader reports that Ashley is the child of a single mother who makes $25,000 a year (barely enough for one person to scrape by in 2017, if you're counting).

Cyberbullies (to be clear, if you're harassing a 16-year-old girl via the Internet, you're definitely a cyber bully) have called this girl lazy, entitled, spoiled trash. This 16-year-old wasn't "asking for it" by posting her parking ticket on GoFundMe, the only thing she was asking for was a little help. In an age where the American Dollar is worth less in America than it ever has been, a child asks for help and is called "stupid" and told that she should whore herself out to pay for a parking ticket. No matter how you look at it, if you're calling a teenager names on the Internet, you should take a look at your life and ask yourself where it all went so wrong that you need to harass a teenage girl.

Mathieu-LaFrance's GoFundMe campaign has already exceeded its $250 goal, with more than a few people offering their sympathies to Ashley for dealing with haters. In an age where people say "We need more compassion and positivity," few follow through, and it's sickening to see sexist, craven trolls taking out frustration for their own impotence on a high schooler.

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