Patricia Arquette Wants Congress To Ratify The Equal Rights Amendment

patricia arquette equal rights

Patricia Arquette is mad as hell and she’s not going to take it anymore.

Last year, when Arquette took home the Oscar for Boyhood, instead of thanking her agents and managers, she delivered a ground-breaking message about gender equality.

The speech shined a spotlight on gender wage inequality and ultimately led to the passage of the California Fair Pay Act, which took effect last month.

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Use The Platform

Arquette told The Daily Beast of the game changing monologue;

“I didn’t write that blurb until they were putting on my makeup, but I knew I was going to talk about pay equality and equal rights.”

This year, Arquette is back at it, and this time, she has back up. Major back up. On Thursday Feb. 26 in Los Angeles she co-hosted the first Dinner for Equality, gathering notables from entertainment, politics, and business to rally around the cause.

Among the supporters were Elon Musk, Reese Witherspoon, Stevie Wonder, and Jennifer Lawrence, the biggest female star in Hollywood, who last October penned a letter asking why her male co-stars paychecks were significantly bigger than hers. At Thursday’s event Lawrence described the outpouring of support, but also the avalanche of criticism that followed both publicly and privately. Her Republican relatives even “told me my career was effectively over.”

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Stand Together

Arquette knows her struggle all too well. Her Oscars speech lost her jobs, she told Variety’s David S. Cohen shortly after launching a petition to push an Equal Rights Amendment through the American legal system;

“I feel really bad for [Lawrence] because she came out and talked about recognizing that she’d been paid less. What we were watching was any young girl discovering that she’d been paid less, discovering that there’s a gender pay gap. It’s not about being an actor, or how many zeroes are behind the number. What it is about is that this is in 98 percent of all businesses.

Standing behind Jennifer Lawrence, while they seem totally unrelated to this big movie star who makes a lot of money, are 33 million women and kids who are seriously suffering because their mom’s not paid her full dollar. To diminish that argument and make it about actresses or wealthy actresses is really a stupid argument because the reality is it’s in all businesses and we need to talk about it.”

Arquette, 47, continues to shine the light on the gross injustice with her powerful new documentary, Equal Means Equal.

Shine A Light On The Injustice

Equal Means Equal exposes shocking statistics and heartbreaking personal stories with interviews, news reports, and narration by Kamala Lopez. Female poverty, poor domestic violence protections for women, increasingly limited reproductive rights, sex trafficking, and female incarceration are all placed under the microscope.

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Arquette said;

“This isn’t a movie to go see, like, ‘Let’s go see a fun movie!’ This is a college crash course [lasting] 90 minutes. It’s a blistering, nightmarish state of the union examination of women in the United States of America. This is not a pretty picture. This is living, breathing, real American history happening right now.”

One artist who details her own brutal rape—and her walk home after the attack, through crowds that didn’t bother to ask if she needed help or if she was even okay.

Arquette can’t help but think of Kesha.“God! When in the history of the world have we seen this before? Where someone could own someone’s work, tell them what to do and when, silence their voice, and rape them at will?”

The Equal Means Equal group’s ultimate goal is to ratify the Equal Rights Act first introduced in 1923, which few Americans realize never actually passed.

“We need this movie to understand what's happening in our country, because this isn’t the story we’re learning in the news, and this isn’t the lesson we’re learning in the classrooms. We need to see what the hell is going on in America.”

patricia arquette equal rights

patricia arquette equal rights


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