Patrick Stump and Lupe Fiasco's single "This City," is, unsurprisingly, about a city. (It's probably Chicago.) So you'd expect the video for "This City" to also be about a city, enough that if you took any given 19-second excerpt, there would be city to be found.

Well then. The teaser's out, and it doesn't contain two major things: Lupe Fiasco (we suggest trying not to think about the implications of cutting his less city-congratulatory presence out of the preview; the chorus is all Patrick, anyway.), or any shots of a city. Instead, we get:

- Bare white room

- Lights that make everything look neon, yet no sign that the lights come from a city

- Silhouettes

- Grayscale

- Licks of CGI flame

- A building with a fire escape! This is a step forward, as you can find this in a city much more easily than in an abstract painting! It only appears for a second or so, though. Man. Why would you take our city away? The only way to make up for your lost city time is to make the rest of "This City" one of those time-lapse skyline videos.