Patrick Stump's MJ A Cappella: A Welcome Glee Alternative

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Notes on this week's Patrick Stump YouTube a cappella, this time a Michael Jackson medley ("Billie Jean"/"Scream"/"Man In the Mirror"/"The Way You Make Me Feel"/"Leave Me Alone"/"Thriller"/"Remember the Time"):

• First of all, shout-out to the requisite bow-tie. It's still a good look for Stump, although we are also fond of his getup from the video of Fall Out Boy's cover of "Beat It."

• This and the "Green Light" video were tagged "Soul Punk," which is the name of his upcoming album. Coincidentally, it's also a combination of the two ideals Glee largely lacks. (Protip for alternate post-Super Bowl viewing: Stump's video transitions into "Thriller" at 3:05, sans Yeah Yeah Yeahs mash-up/trance-synth backing track.)

• Why the continuing appeal of the title track from Thriller? Is it all thanks to John Landis? Well, yes. "Thriller" is certainly a great song, but it was also the seventh single from the record, and five of the previous six are at least as good (sorry, "The Girl Is Mine").

• A plurality of the chosen tracks are from Bad (the central triad of the medley). But "Jam" in particular, or more from Dangerous in general, would have been a more than welcome addition to the playlist. Not to mention that the vocal sampling with which he's experimenting in these clips would lend itself well to the sampler-heavy new jack swing-esque sound of that 1991 Michael Jackson album. Of late only Amerie has really succeeded at multi-tracking her own voice into harmonies, punctuations, and back-up vocals, but more attempts are always more than welcome, especially from talented vocalists like Patrick Stump.

• Overall, these clips continue to be phenomenal. Here's hoping for more! Is there anything you'd love to hear him tackle? Let us know in the comments!

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