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Rising Star: Paul Castro Jr Talks His Next Big Thing

There are thousands (maybe millions) of actors in NYC. How is Paul Castro Jr making the dream come true? Check out this exclusive interview!

Paul Castro Jr. is a cool dude.

He's also about to make a huge splash in the indie film industry.

You may have seen PJ (as he is known amongst friends) on TV; he has appeared on shows including Law & Order: SVU (some people say that it's the best Law & Order), Limitless, and The Blacklist (during it's Golden Age, before it jumped the shark). He has also appeared in movies like The Skeleton Twins and People Places Things (currently streamable on Netflix) and does a ton of voiceover work.

Paul is one of thousands (maybe millions) of actors in NYC. How is he making the dream come true?

What is Next Big Thing?

Next Big Thing is Paul's passion project - a TV show he created about millennial gamer life (#NerdSwag). It's been described as a hybrid of The League, Always Sunny and New Girl, with a geek-life twist.

"We're getting knee-deep into anime/gamer culture, we're not shying away from it," says Castro.

Another project Castro has in the works, a feature film called Barbie Boy, deals with gender identity and boys playing with Barbie dolls (as the title implies). Keep your ears and eyes open for it because it sounds fascinating! .

Check out our exclusive interview with Paul Castro Jr!

Paul Castro Jr is the next big thing, and you heard it on Popdust first.

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