So who watched the TLC movie on VH1 last month? A bunch of you must have because it's currently the highest-rated cable movie of the year after pulling in 4.5 million viewers. Anyway, in the juicy biopic, TLC painted their former manager, Pebbles, as a shady lady who stole millions of dollars from them, and as expected, Pebbles was none too pleased with the way she portrayed.

After keeping quiet for a moment, Pebbles finally broke her silence this week in an exclusive interview with Wendy Williams. Ms. Pebbles called TLC's claims "a complete lie," explained how certain aspects of the music industry work in regards to contracts and income distribution, and then dropped a bombshell by stating that Chilli was sleeping with her husband, L.A. Reid, back in the day.

From where we see it, this looks like a classic case of both parties having their side of the story, and then the real truth residing somewhere in the middle. However, Pebbles doesn't exactly come off as the warmest woman in the world, so it's pretty easy to paint her as a villain. Both her and her daughter (who was sitting in the audience) came across like two very angry people (did either of them even crack a smile once?), and Pebbles' refusal to fully come clean on certain topics before saying that she's going to put it all in a tell-all book seemed a little suspicious.

Newsflash, Pebbles: By the time your book drops, everyone will be over this drama. Spill the tea now, or forever hold your peace.